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Dealing With Betrayal

From birth we are taught that who we think we are and what we think about our worth is based on how others feel about us and act towards us. Our need, as babies, is survival and that survival is controlled by those caring for us. Their attention and approval is the most important thing to us. When we get that approval and positive attention, we feel loved and appreciated. When we don’t get it, we feel dejected and unworthy. We learn to act in ways that please them so we get more of this positive attention. We unknowingly allow ourselves to be ruled by their expectations of us. Meeting their expectations – most of which we learn by trial and error – brings a reward. Not meeting their expectations results in punishment.

As we grow, we live our lives by the rule of expectations. We begin to have expectations of our parents. We expect them to be attentive to us, to feed us, to clothe us, to be affectionate towards us, to love us. We interact with other family members and do the dance of expectations with them. From there we go to school and church and interact in the same way. We act the same way in our friendships. Finally, we step out into adulthood and take these expectations into the workplace. Every interaction becomes a transaction. I will do this if you do that. You owe me because I did this for you. You are my partner, mother, father, cousin, sister, brother, friend, co-worker, boss, employee and I expect you to act in these ways.

We all go through a period of rebellion. We, deep within ourselves, know that our self-image and worth shouldn’t be linked to other peoples’ expectations, so we break rules to discover who we are and what we want out of life separate from what others want us to be or do. We know, at some level, that who we are and what we do should not be molded by the world around us. But even if we attain some freedom of expression, we still only know the language of expectations. So while we have a sense of control over our lives, we still interact with others by expectation.

When people don’t respond to us in the ways we think they should, whether we told them of our expectations or not, we call this being betrayed. When we loan a person some money they don’t pay back, when we do a favor for someone and when we need a favor they don’t help us, when we are in a relationship feeling mad that our partner isn’t interacting with us they way we think they should, when a friend lies to us, when our parents ignore us, our sense of our value and worth is decreased.

How can I matter and be of value if the people in my life don’t respond to my expectations of them? This question, I feel, is at the root of the feeling of betrayal and hurt. My value is based upon how you treat me and if I don’t think you are treating we well, it must be because I am not worth it.

When discussing how to deal with the feeling of being betrayed, what we are discussing is the belief that the worth of our presence in the world is based upon what others think and do. We take our expectations of a person and compare it to the actions of a person and the conclusion is always a perception of our worth – either to that person or to the world. This, in turn, leads us to more expectations about ourselves, the people in our lives and the world in which we live. We start believing that people are shady, men are dogs, women are conniving, no one loves us, etc. and these become our expectations. These negative expectations are supposed to help us manage our feelings about people not doing what we think they should but they end up reinforcing our feeling that we are not good enough for people to do good for and by us.

So how do we deal with feeling betrayed and with our feeling that somehow we must deserve the treatment we endure from others?

1. It’s not personal – Everyone has their set of expectations for themselves, others and the world around them and it is from these expectations that they make decisions. No one is intentionally doing us wrong. They are trying to protect themselves from being negatively impacted by the things that happen in life. And we are doing the same thing. We are all in this predicament, looking for a way out. While I might not have made the same decision as you in a given moment, I am motivated by the same need to protect my sense of self-worth and my fear that you have the power to affect how much I feel I matter.

2. Take responsibility for your feelings – You feel betrayed because of your own expectations and beliefs. Even if a person intentionally does something to betray you, you have the ability to choose to feel betrayed or not. It’s not their fault that you have this feeling happening inside you. Most of us have a hard time believing that because we don’t know that we don’t have to allow our emotions to be triggered by what happens to us. We are taught that things happen and our emotions are a natural response, but in reality they are a trained response. You can learn to choose how things affect you by changing your perceptions.

3. Own the feeling, don’t let the feeling own you – For now, things are going to happen that challenge our feelings of worthiness. When they do, we are going to have a negative emotional response. But that emotion is happening inside of ourselves and it has come up to let us know that there is something about our perception about ourselves and/or this situation that threatens to make us feel disempowered. We don’t have to react from self protection, we can choose to be self aware. If you feel betrayed, you can ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?” “What would I prefer to feel?” ” Why would I prefer to feel that way?” “How can I feel how I want to feel regardless of what this person has or hasn’t done?” When the feeling comes up, it’s time for self-reflection so you can see the expectations you have that don’t serve you at this point in your life.

4. Forgive – In this moment, nothing can be different than it is. The past can’t now be different than it was. The only thing that can be changed is what’s coming in the future. As long as we put energy into blaming anyone – including ourselves – for what was done, we give them the power we need to create a new future for ourselves. Forgiveness is how we reclaim our emotional and spiritual power to make the future better than the past. In this letting go, we are able to rise above the situation to a higher emotional vantage point and see more opportunities for our lives. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that they get off scot-free. Forgiveness does mean that you are letting them off of the hook for the punishment you think they deserve for causing you distress. And when you let it go, you also disconnect yourself from their karma. This doesn’t mean you let them stay in your life, you may let it go and let them go as well, but you let them go with grace and in love. You let them go grateful that they allowed you to see something within yourself that has been holding you back from the greatness for which you are destined. You let them go not hoping karma get them back, but that karma allows them to learn the lessons they need to know to live their best life as well.

Ultimately, our life is our pathway to reclaiming our power and birthright as children of the Divine. When people do things that stir up feelings of betrayal, we are being given the opportunity to learn that our value and worth is intrinsic to our very being. No one is really able to strip us of our worth and value, and there is a part of us that knows this. Through these situations we can become more aware of that part of us that is free from the opinions and actions of others. We can become aware that our happiness and ability to create our best life is only tied to discovering that part of us. Then the miraculous happens to us and through us.


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My Attitude


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It saddens me a little when people say that they have given up on meeting someone.  Why? Because they attract a certain type of person/people and blame those people for their misery instead of looking at and working on themselves to ready themselves for the type of relationship they want.  Someone told me long ago, you attract the energy you give out.  When I heard this, I started paying attention to what kind of energy I was putting out in the universe by seeing the types of people who were being pulled into my orbit.  I used that to fine tune myself until I met my baby.  When we start becoming the the type of person we want to meet, then we find what we are looking for.  Why? Because we find it in ourselves first and those pulled into our orbit are a reflection of that.

It’s always an inside job.

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Loving Those Who Do You Wrong



Life is full of opportunities to practically put to use what you are learning as you grow.  I had one of those yesterday.

I got home to discover that a delivery I was expecting came early and UPS left it at my house when no one was home and it was stolen.  It was a gift for a family member and I was quite frustrated by this.  I contacted the sender and UPS about my concern but it still bothered me that this gift was gone. 

This morning, when I was leaving the house, I was wondering “How can I move past this?  How can I let this frustration go?”  I knew that this gift could be replaced.  I knew that purchasing the gift again wouldn’t cause me hardship.  I knew things happened for a reason.  Yet I was still unnerved by the turn of events.

Then it dawned on me. Pray a blessing for UPS, the delivery driver, whoever took the package and whoever would end up with the package.

Jesus did this at the cross.  Saying “Father forgive them” was saying bless them in spite of how they are treating me.  Let good come into their lives even though they are not being good right now.  They don’t know that they are children of God.  They don’t know the power they have or the abundance that is their birthright so show them, teach them, bless them.  That’s the 70 times 7 kind of forgiveness right there.

A stolen package cannot compare to crucifixtion. So I prayed a blessing for each person who handled the package and would enjoy it’s contents.  In that moment, my frustration began to subside and my full joy emerged.  And each time I think of it, I pray for them again.

It’s amazing how things are set up.  I read a post on Facebook that said that Marrianne Williamson will pray for 30 days for a person who has wronged her to be blessed.  That was a right on time message for me to begin a similar practice in my life.

It’s easy to love those who love us. The test of our relationship with God, our realization of our sonship, is being able to love those who treat us with contempt, dishonor us, steal from us and betray us. To be able to say “Forgive them Father for they don’t know what they are doing”


–Rev D.

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Start 2013 on a Mission

Embrace your mission

Many spend the end of the year looking back at what didn’t work or they didn’t do in the past year and come up with New Years Resolutions to do or be better in the coming year.  Often though, we get about 30-45 days into the new year and we find ourselves slacking on these resolutions. 60-90 days into the year and we have completely stopped and sometimes forgotten the resolutions we made at the beginning of the year.  I think this happens every year because we don’t have a soul connection to our resolutions.

So I propose we do something different this year.  Let’s start 2013 on a mission.  Let’s create a mission statement for the year and then resolve to do what we are inspired to from our mission.  Our mission is our driving purpose.  It’s born out of our unique gifts, talents and desires.  It allows us to be able to create something in this world that leaves a legacy.  It empowers us and it touches the lives of those around us in a profound way.

So how do we create this mission statement? I suggest we start by asking ourselves, “What are my gifts/talents/abilities and how can they be used to make my home, community, company, world a better place?”

Make a list of your answers.  I know I am a gifted listener, able to understand the heart of what I am being told or asked.  I am able to draw the best out of people by helping them find it in themselves. I am a singer, teacher, counselor and speaker.  I can use these things to make the world a better place by helping others learn to respect and love themselves, express themselves authentically and create a life that best supports who they really are.

My mission statement might read:

“I am a gifted minister and spiritual teacher.  I use my gifts to assist others in learning to love themselves, expressing their authentic nature and reclaiming their divine inheritance. Each day, more wisdom and revelation is shared with me and through me to improve my life and the lives of those around me”

When I worked in tech support my mission statement was:

“I am a knowledgable and capable IT professional. I use my skills to assist others with their technical issues.  I am able to understand the needs of my department and the customers we serve to be able to successfully resolve their issues and educate those who are willing to learn. I learn more about my profession each day to help me grow along this career path”

Your mission statement will be unique to you and your goals for the year.  I believe a good mission statement will be concise and contain, at least, these things:

  1. “I am” – these are some of the most powerful words in life.  Your life will be shaped by what ever follows those words.  I start mission statements with a “I am.” So what are you at this point in your life? A teacher, a cook, a programmer, a gardener?  This is a faith statement. Perhaps you have a dream of becoming something that you haven’t begun yet.  “I am” calls that dream into being.
  2. “I do” – This portion talks about how who you are will show up in the world; how you will use your gifts and abilities toward a certain goal. If “I am” is calling who you want to be into being, “I do” states how you will make a difference in that role.
  3. “I grow” – Life is always calling us to higher and greater things.  We can not stand still. Frederick Douglass is quoted as saying “Nature is herself a great worker and never tolerates, without certain rebuke, any contradiction to her wise example. Inaction is followed by stagnation. Stagnation is followed by pestilence and pestilence is followed by death.”  You are meant to be in a constant state of becoming, of learning and of growing.  And when you have manifested “I am,” and are performing “I do,” you will be inspired to reach higher, be better and do more. So I like to add something that reminds me to learn more each day.

Once you have crafted your mission statement.  Speak it to yourself each day, at least once when you wake up and once before you go to sleep.  Speaking it in the morning sets the tone for each day.  Speaking it at night settles it in your spirit and sparks creative dreams and new ideas.  When you say it, meditate on it, savor it, feel it.

A mission statement should fill you with excitement and expectation and it will bring about challenges that will forge you into the person you want to become. It will also bring about opportunities directly in line with who you say you are.  And it will be a light that directs your path so that you know which opportunities are the best to take and uncover tools that will help you overcome any challenge.

So let’s decide what our mission will be for 2013 and let our only resolution be to LIVE IT.


–Rev. D

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What God Gives



When I wanted a freedom, at one point in my life, I equated that to having a car.  What manifested was friends telling me about Zipcar (a car sharing service) and a home residence that was very accessible to public transportation.  The essence of the manifestation was still the same.  I could go where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go and had many options to do so.

Another thing that you can be sure of is that the manifestation will be in line with your highest good at that moment.  With me a the car, had I gotten one at that point it wouldn’t have been in my highest good.  Financially it would have put me in a bind and created other types of drama in my life.  By NOT getting the car, I was also able to secure myself more financially and take steps in my life and career that would have been impossible with the car.  What I did get fit perfectly into my life at that time.

The last thing I will mention about what God gives is that it will set you up to build a better tomorrow.  God doesn’t just give for today, God gives with the end in mind.  God knows who you are becoming. God knows what your dreams and goals are.  Whatever manifests for you will always be in alignment with that vision of you. What God gave me when I wanted freedom worked perfectly into the orchestration of where my life is now.

Now this isn’t to say that God wouldn’t set in motion things spiritually to manifest a specific thing you have your mind on.  I just think that happens only if it falls in line with the three things I mentioned above.  And when we connected to the flow of God, we can pinpoint things that fall right into alignment with the essence, our highest good in the moment and the highest expression of ourselves down the line.  But I have found it best to let go of having a specific thing and being open to the infinite number of ways that God can meet and usually exceed the physical thing I thought I wanted.

As an old song says “Any way you bless me, I’ll be satisfied.”


– Rev. D



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How Long Will You Wander?


After the Israelites were delivered from Egypt, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before entering into the Promised Land.  Those who know this story in from the Bible know that this was their punishment for being afraid and not believing that God either could or would establish them in this place of prosperity.  The same God that, through Moses, parted the Red Sea so that they could escape Egypt they could not trust to perform another miracle on their behalf.

I encounter this with clients.  I see it in myself.  A breakthrough is experienced, a dream realized, a goal achieved and there is joy and celebration.  Then a new desire or challenge is born and there is trepidation.  How could we ever accomplish that?  I don’t know how?  I don’t know the right people?  I don’t have enough money?  Am I worthy of that?  All these thoughts creep in.  These “giants” in the land of milk and honey that are standing in our way. 

But what about God?  The one who just delivered us, sustained us, healed us, prospered us.  What about the all-power of the Universe that we JUST tapped into get us where we are? Now we are wandering in the wilderness of our disbelief. But for how long?

We wander until the last vestiges of disbelief have died.  When your fear has been replaced by faith, your wandering is over.  How long is up to you?

The Israelites wandered until the generation of disbelief and fear had passed and the generation of FAITH were ready. Those who believed that all of the power of the Divine was in them, with them and for them.  And they laid claim to the promise.

It’s the same today! Once you become assured that God in you and with you is a majority you will overcome.  Once you know that since God is with you, no one can stand in your way, you will claim your prize.  Once you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt God’s desire is for your good and the entire universe is being organized to manifest the best for you, you will have taken possession of the land flowing with milk and honey.

And you can know this for all things.  Relationships, jobs, finances, friendships, anything. God has the final word! And God’s will is your prosperity and joy.

Think about these things:

  • Do you believe in God/the Divine/Allah/The Universe/The Creator/The All-That-Is?
  • Do you believe or are you willing to accept or consider that God’s will is for you to experience prosperity, peace, wisdom and joy?
  • Do you believe or are you willing to accept or consider that God has the final word in all situations and circumstances – no matter what things look like?
  • Do you believe or are you willing to accept or consider that God loves you unconditionally and that there is nothing that can separate you from that love?
  • Do you believe or are you willing to accept or consider that God will bring you what you ask for if you pray believing you will receive?

If the answer is yes, then create your statement of faith. A statement that affirms that God is willing and able to do exceedingly abundantly more than you could ask or think. Repeat that statement to yourself often, with authority. Declare your victory and give thanks knowing you have already been answered.  And watch things begin to move and work in your favor.

Today, end your wandering through the wilderness of fear and disbelief.  Affirm the power of the Almighty at work in your life. Step into a realization of the Love of God and watch the miracles come.


-Rev. D


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Life: Abundantly

“Most of you are much closer to a financial fortune [better body, romantic partnership, car, house, prosperous business, etc.] than you are even allowing yourself to purely desire, because, in the thought that it might come, you right away begin thinking of how disappointed you will be if it does not come. And so, in your lackful thought, you do not allow yourself to desire or to expect anything magnificent in terms of money; and that is the reason why, for the most part, you are living rather mediocre financial experiences.” ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks from Money, and the Law of Attraction

I remember having a daydream when I was in my early twenties. In this vision, God stood before me with a gift. It was a miraculous gift, because it was from God. It was just what I needed and wanted and perhaps was just the first of many. As God stood there holding this gift before me, I stood there with my arms at my side. Here it was, all I needed and wanted to have was right in front of my face. Then the thought ran through my mind “You just have to reach out and take it.”

Why, even in the vision, didn’t I reach out at that moment and take what was being freely given to me? I think the answer is both multifaceted and universal – I was afraid. What would be required of me if I accepted it? Was the gift really even for me? What if this wasn’t what I thought it would be? What if I couldn’t handle the gift or the responsibility I thought came with it? So instead of opening myself wholeheartedly to accepting this gift, like a child diving face first into the pile of gifts under the Christmas tree, I second guessed myself and God.

I think it’s clear; we experience mediocrity because we believe in our mediocrity. We don’t allow ourselves to believe that the abundance of the Universe is our birthright. And who are we to deny God the pleasure of pleasing us? Why do we feel undeserving of gifts freely given by our creator who loves us unconditionally? Why do we even feel bad for wanting to be extravagantly blessed?

The Prayer of Jabez tells the story of a man that goes to heaven. During a tour of heaven, the angel reluctantly shows him a building that holds mounds of gifts. When he requested it, the angel takes him to the gifts meant for him. The angel, in the end, tells him that these are all the gifts God had prepared for his children that we didn’t receive during our lifetime.

Have you ever had a person refuse a gift you were giving? What excuses did they give? That they didn’t deserve it? That it was too much? That they were too embarrassed? They didn’t know if they could take care of it? They don’t have faith in their own worth and worthiness to receive the gifts you give in love. And these are the same excuses we give for not receiving the blessings that God has prepared for us.

James 4 talks about the faith of Abraham. Abraham’s faith was counted unto him as righteousness. The fact that Abraham believed God’s promise to make him the Father of many nations, even in his old age he kept to that faith and not only was the promise fulfilled, he was right with God because of his faith.

So if we understand that God is capable of doing far more abundantly than we can think or ask and that God WANTS to do far more for us than we can think or ask, unbounded belief in and acceptance of these gifts, in whatever form they take, is counted as righteousness unto us as well.

So it is actually RIGHTEOUSNESS, not selfishness, to believe that we are BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and to have the FAITH to accept that all the promises of God are Yea and AMEN!

What have you been promised? Release the full capability of your faith. Set aside your doubts and fears and open yourself to the unlimited resources of the universe there for your benefit and wellbeing. Take the steps of faith that are necessary for your to “reach out” and grab the gifts awaiting you from God – start writing that book, designing those clothes, singing those songs, etc. – and you will begin to learn what it means to be prosperous and blessed.

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Click Next

Some of us may be old enough to remember playing a scratched record. Others have to refer to a scratched CD or DVD. What happens is still the same, when the needle (or laser) hit’s the scratch, it jumps back to some previous point and replays the same music (or scene) over and over again. Some DVD and CD’s just stop playing at all right at that point.

We actually do the same thing in life. As children we go along just fine. We play, experiment with and experience life until something traumatic happens to us. Maybe a parent always called us stupid, or we got whipped for things we didn’t do or maybe never got picked for sports or were picked on by older siblings or bullies. Maybe we were physically, emotionally or sexually abused. Whatever the event (or sequence of events) they scratch our life. And that scratch makes us play an event over and over in our minds until it created a pattern in our lives.

Many of the patterns we experience in life are replays of an earlier trama that we experienced but had no control over. Later in life, we subconsciously recreate the events with a different cast of characters. Once we understand our creative power in life, we can press stop on that old story and create a new life.

We are the creative force behind our lives, but we forget this spiritual truth as we learn to play the victim and blame others for our disappointments. And while we didn’t ask for the initial event, the replication of that event in our lives is something we can do something about. And it starts with taking responsibility; not for the initial events but for our role in replaying them now that we have a better understanding of who we are and the power God has gifted us with.

Taking responsibility is like finally waking up to the unconscious patterns we have allowed to replay in our lives and consciously learning to make a change. It allows us to see that what we fear isn’t real anymore. It has already happened and doesn’t have to continue if we are dedicated to writing a new chapter in our lives. Now we can pay attention to the decisions we make that lead us down the same path and the people we draw to us to play the perpetrators in our drama. Now we can say NO to playing the role of victim and take our rightful place as VICTORIOUS creations of God.

We can move the needle to the next song, forward to the next scene or change the music or movie entirely. It’s our choice and being responsible for the choices you make now will open the door to abundance, happiness and success that you never thought possible.

So what will you do, continue replaying the drama or move powerfully forward. The choice is yours.

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The Lord is My Shepherd

In my devotional time this morning, I was lead to read the 23rd Psalm and meditate on it’s meaning. It holds a wealth of understanding of what life can be like when you are surrendered to all-ness of God. The entire Psalm is one of peace, appreciation, expansion, safety and promise. And when we truly learn to let go and let God, we can live each day in the peace and presence of God.

Here are some of the things that were revealed to me as I meditated on this passage from Psalm.

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

The Lord, God, the supreme power and presence in the universe, the all that is, that which created all things, He through which I live move and have my being is my personal caretaker, guard and guide. And as I come to recognize and surrender to The Lord’s care, I shall not have any desire unfulfilled or experience any lack. As a matter of fact, everything will be provided before I even know I want/need it so the moment I recognize I desire something, it is revealed to me and manifested in my life. I won’t have to change who I am or how I look to please anyone else because I can rest in the unfailing and unconditional love of The Lord. No good thing is ever or will ever be withheld from me as long as I rest in the knowledge that The Lord is my ever present help.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.”

Wow, The Lord will cause me to rest in absolute abundance of all things. First, I don’t have to worry about clothes, money, food, friends, romance because it’s all been worked out for me. Now I am being told to rest in the abundance of all these things. I look around me and all I see are opportunities to learn, grow, experience the fullness of life and I don’t have to make it happen for myself. I can rest in the receiving of all these things knowing that there is more available to me any time I want.

“He restores my soul.”

So not only is my physical taken care of, my mental and emotional needs are provided for as well. I can feel refreshed and at peace in the midst of any situation or circumstance. My head is clear. I am connected to my inner wisdom at all times. I can share of the bounty, blessing and gifts that have been given to me and still feel light and playful and eager for more.

“He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.”

The Lord keeps me on the right path and orders my steps because that’s his nature. The Lord cannot go against his own purpose which is to lead me in the creation of my best life. The Lord is always attempting to keep me moving in the direction of everything I desire because if The Lord didn’t, he wouldn’t be The Lord.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Even though I deal with people and experience situations that seem like they could hurt me, I don’t have to worry. The Lord’s presence with me shows me that all these things are mere shadows, that have no real substance, they are projections of my own mind when I lose sight of The Lord. These shadows are things in my mind that stand in the way of me being totally surrendered to the care of The Lord. But I know that I don’t have to be taken in by these things. The Lord is leading me through them to help me learn to trust him even more. And once I’ve gone through them, I never have to visit them again.

And it’s comforting to know that even if I do get led astray by these shadows, frightened by these circumstances, or make a choice that takes me off the right path The Lord is leading me on, The Lord always knows where I am and with his rod The Lord will gently pick my up from the ditch and lead me back to his side on the right path and with his staff The Lord will defeat any predator awaiting in the darkness. All I have to do is realize I’ve strayed and call out to The Lord to realize he is already there waiting patiently for me to surrender again.

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;”

Even when there are people all around me that may wish me harm or hope for my downfall, you sustain me. Not only do you sustain, but you make a spectacle of your love for me. You show off how far you will go and how much you will give to those who trust in The Lord, who’s hearts and minds are focused on you. And you don’t do this to be arrogant or spiteful. You do this to show even my enemies the way home, the way to be prospered and fulfilled.

“You anoint my head with oil;”

The Lord sets me apart as his own and let’s me know what I have been set upon this earth to do. The anointing is a call to ministry and a promise that all the power of the universe is with me as I move forward in my calling.

“my cup overflows.”

I am so filled with joy, peace, love, abundance that it is spilling out of my life and touching all around me. I am full of gratitude and appreciation to The Lord for how well I am taken care of that I can’t help but share it with others.

“Surely (Only) goodness and mercy (steadfast Love) shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

All my days will be full of every good and perfect gift. I will be surrounded by love at all times. And this feeling of peace, love, joy, appreciation, wisdom and abundance is the presence (house) of The Lord and I can experience these things for the rest of my days.

The major lesson for me is that as I learn to depend on the creator and sustainer of the universe, each day will be a continual unfolding of what David spoke of in this Psalm. I don’t have to change, I just have to trust that he who create all – including me – will take care of me and show me who I am becoming and how I am to live. My steps are ordered and my life is secure when I commit it to The Lord’s care and I will live a joyful, exciting, ever expanding life where worry becomes a distant memory.

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